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At Genesis - NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute At Mumbai, Dr Alok Sharma and his team of highly experienced doctors use a combination of cell therapy and neurorehabilitation. Dr Alok Sharma's comprehensive treatment involves a holistic approach towards the total wellbeing of the patient which through and improvement in their neurological condition, which ultimately helps in the quality of a better life.


Our mission is to make a difference to the lives of the patients suffering from incurable / intractable disease and injury of the nervous system, by providing them with the most effective and safest available treatment and technologies from the field of neurosciences and regenerative medicine.


Best Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India by

National Healthcare Excellence Award at New Delhi

The Rose of Paracelsus Award by European Medical Association (EMA)

and Socrates Nomination Committee (Oxford, UK) at Cannes, France

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ISO 9001:2008

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Objectives & Goals


“We want to ensure the individual that we Treat Receive Specialized and

individualized care which will result in maximized outcome”

What We Do?

What Are Stem Cells? Explained by Dr Alok Sharma

Our approach consists of

using a combination of:

Stem Cell Therapy


Other Medical and Surgical treatment

Stem cells are the building blocks of our body. These are very unique cells that have the property to multiply many times and form different types of cells and tissues of our body. Hence, these stem cells can be used to regenerate & repair the damaged parts of our body, for e.g., these cells have been used to form neural cells in patients with brain damage, heart cells in cardiac patients, insulin-producing cells in diabetic patients, corneal cells in patients with blindness.

Stem cells work by following mechanisms:




They release growth factors which have a healing and regenerative effect on damaged tissue.


They cause angiogenesis or an increase in the blood supply of damaged tissue

thereby helping in their repair process.


They convert into the tissue type of cells into which they are implanted,

thereby replacing non-functioning tissue.

Types of Stem Cells?

There are two main types of stem cells:


a) Autologous stem cells:

These are the stem cells derived from the patient’s own body, such as bone marrow stem cells. Since these cells are obtained from the patients themselves they are absolutely safe and have no compatibility issue. Hence, rejection is not a possibility. Also, they are available in abundance and can be isolated easily. They are therefore the safest option.


b) Allogenic Stem cells:

These are the stem cells taken from another person, hence, compatibility issues have to be taken into account. The sources of these stem cells could be from the embryo or unborn fetus. These are known as embryonic stem cells & are obtained from spare embryos from IVF clinics. The other source is allogenic stem cells from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby.

At NeuroGen Brain and

Spine Institute we use

patient’s own Bone Marrow

derived Stem Cells making

it the SAFEST cell type to use

How Do Stem Cells Work?

The procedure for cell therapy at Mumbai’s Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute is minimally invasive, with extremely simple steps. There is no major surgery or incision required. The procedure is carried out in only three steps by Dr Alok Sharma and his team of specialized doctors.

Bone marrow aspiration: Bone marrow is the place where blood is formed. In simple words, it can be called a factory of blood. As is common knowledge, blood is formed in the hollow space of bones. It is easiest to extract bone marrow from the hip bone.


This is done through a bone marrow aspiration needle, which is a thin needle inserted into the hip bone. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia. For children and adults who cannot tolerate the procedure, sedation or general anesthesia as required is administered. The entire time taken to do this is only 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Between 80ml to 120ml of bone marrow is aspirated, depending on the weight of the patient. The patient is then sent back to the room for about 3 to 3 and a half hours, to rest for the next step of the procedure.

Separation of stem cells: On the same day, within 3-5 hrs, the stem cells are separated and purified in our stem cell laboratory by using a procedure referred to as density gradient centrifugation. Basically, stem cells have a fixed density and this property is used to separate them.

Stem cell injection: Once stem cells are separated and purified (in about 3-4 hrs), the patient is taken back to the operation theatre. Injection of stem cells is injected into the fluid around the brain and spine (intrathecal injection) is carried out using either an epidural needle (portex) or a spinal needle. Stem cells are first diluted in the CSF and then injected into the spinal space. In certain patients where stem cells are to be injected into the muscles, (eg. Muscular dystrophy patients – as assessed and recommended by the rehabilitation team) these cells are diluted in the CSF and then injected into the muscles using a very thin needle.




Treatment Protocol at NeuroGen BSI By Dr Alok Sharma and Team

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