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Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is that field of medical science which deals in restoration of movements. It helps in rehabilitating patients with physical disabilities which may arise due to a musculoskeletal condition, neurological disorder, or normal ageing process. Techniques such as Neuro-developmental therapy; Proprioceptive Neuro muscular Facilitation; Stretching techniques; Strengthening exercises using weights, therabands, springs; Suspension therapy are used for treating patients suffering from neurological conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Stroke, Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Ataxia and many more. The main goal is to reduce the level of dependency of patients on others and thus improve the quality of life.


Psychological Evaluation & IQ testing: IQ testing is conducted during assessment and periodically  during treatment to evaluate cognitive abilities of an individual. Psychological testing and assessments are done for other disorders like Autism, ADHD, Down's Syndrome, speech difficulties, etc. to track patient's level of severity and progress during rehabilitation.


Applied Behavior Analysis and counseling: Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA) focuses on changing behavior in children with Autism and other related disorder. ABA is considered “best practice” treatment for Autism in USA. This training is provided for children and parents to learn new, good behavior and reduce harmful behaviors. Parents and adult patients are counseled about their disorder, its progression, and symptoms. Individual and family counseling is provided to patients to help them accept their condition and motivate them to comply with the rehabilitation program.


Occupational Therapy (OT) and Sensory Integration(SI): Sensory Integration therapy focus on reducing sensory issues seen in individuals with Autism, ADHD, ID and other disorders by training individual to integrate their senses in an effective manner. OT enables individuals to participate in their daily living activities by managing their sensory and physical limitations.


Speech Therapy and hearing prosthetic: Speech therapy helps individual with speech and communication problem. This therapy includes use of oral-motor exercises and augmented communication devices to increase communication. Speech therapy also assist individuals to learn swallowing, chewing, and other functions. Hearing aids trails and fitting facilities are available at our center.


Special Education: Special education focuses on teaching academic skills to children to help them function independently in school. This therapy also helps to train adults in vocational activities and money management to enable them to earn a livelihood.


Home training program for parents: Parents and other caregivers are trained on conducting therapy at home. Individualized training programs and sessions are given to parents to empower them to help the patients at home and community places.

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